The Ultimate Speed Test To Determine Which Is The Fastest Smartphone In The World

iPhone 7 speed test

Speed test videos are common, but they only usually deal with two or three models. We are always left wondering about the comparison with others. And we end up having to watch multiple videos. But this speed-test different.

This speed test by iPhonehacks is a real eye-opener. We had always known that iPhone is a fast phone, but just how much faster it is from the competition (and how fast they were compared to each other) was made clear in this video.

Which phones were tested?

The video performed speed test on the 5 best selling smartphones of the year —

  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • iPhone 7 Plus
  • LG G6
  • Google Pixel
  • OnePlus 3T

Note that of all the 5 phones, only the OnePlus 3T falls under the category of “budget phone” costing around Rs 35,000. Rest are all premium phones costing nearly twice as much.

The process

The speed test consisted of three phases:

  1. App Lanch and Relaunch — a fixed list of apps, (consisting of games, video editors, photo editors, utility, and video streaming services), was opened on each phone. The apps were left running in the background and were accessed a second time to see how well the phones multitask.
  2. Processing Power — 8K photo was rendered on all the phones, followed by launching heavy games such as Asphalt 8 and San Andreas, to see how well they handle process hungry apps.
  3. Benchmarks — two universal benchmark tests were run on all the phones to see their on-paper performance.

The Result

The iPhone was a clear winner in all the categories except two. The San Andreas game launched half a second after the S8, and Apple lost the multi-core score to Samsung by a few points.

But other than that, Apple absolutely destroyed the competition, clocking less than half the time as the second place holder when it came to actual speed test.

“If you want the ultimate performance, the iPhone 7 Plus is the handset to buy despite it being six months old at this point,” concludes the site.

Have a look for yourself.

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