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iPhone battery on Mac

A Cool Trick to Check iPhone Battery Percentage on Mac

Picture this – You are lying comfortably on your bed, binge watching Game of Thrones on your Mac. In the meanwhile, your iPhone is plugged in for charging and kept on the table across the room. It’s almost time to leave for an evening out and you aren’t sure how much the iPhone has charged.

What do you do? Get up, walk over to the table, pick up your iPhone, and check its battery? Nah! That’s too much effort 🙂 Let me tell you a smarter way to do this.

Nah! That’s too much effort 🙂 Let me tell you a smarter way to do this. Read more

Apple name tags

Apple’s Name Tags Are Getting Tangled. Again.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after his exile, the company had way too many products and no fixed policy of naming them. Jobs wanted to bring sense into their nomenclature; so he set out to rename all the products. Read more


Your MacBook Has A Hidden Feature: Bullet-Proofing!

Last week, at the Hollywood International Airport, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a man opened fire on the public, killing five and injuring eight. One witness of the incident claims his MacBook “saved [him] from a certain death.” Read more

Macbook India

MacBook Lineup in India – A Snapshot

Apple’s biggest attraction in India is undoubtedly the iPhone, but the MacBook is fast catching the audience’s fancy. There’s a wide variety of options to choose from, so most buyers will find something to suit their requirements. Read more

Mac models obsolete

These Mac Models Will Be Obsolete By Year End

If you have a Mac that dates back to 2009-2011, you will soon become the proud owner of a vintage Apple product. That’s because Macs produced in these years are about to officially become obsolete. Apple no longer wishes to provide support for two MacBook Pros, a Mac mini, and the MacBook (the older one), said a news report, adding that these devices would join the elite list of vintage Apple products. Read more


Different Ways to Force Quit Applications on Your Mac

Macs are known for their smooth functioning operating systems. However, sometimes, you get the occasional glitch and some of the apps become “unresponsive”. Worse, you can’t seem to close or quit them! What to do in such a sticky situation?

Force Quit, of course! Read more