Mac models obsolete

These Mac Models Will Be Obsolete By Year End

If you have a Mac that dates back to 2009-2011, you will soon become the proud owner of a vintage Apple product. That’s because Macs produced in these years are about to officially become obsolete. Apple no longer wishes to provide support for two MacBook Pros, a Mac mini, and the MacBook (the older one), said a news report, adding that these devices would join the elite list of vintage Apple products. Read more


Apple Will Unveil New MacBooks on October 27

We had been talking about the upcoming MacBooks upgrade since two months. All the signs kept pointing to an Apple event sometime in October, but the news never came. September came and went, half of October passed by, still nothing! We started to wonder, almost lost hope and then it happened – Apple sent out the invites for the new MacBooks last night! We are so excited!!

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