siri privacy bug

Hey Siri, Don’t Allow Others To Use My iPhone

If you get ten loyal iPhone users in a room and ask about their favourite feature, you’ll probably start a debate that’ll put Nixon VS Kennedy to shame. But, I’m pretty sure there’ll be one thing they’ll agree upon – and happily. Can you guess what? Yes, Siri! You can use her to make calls, send texts, set alarms, get directions, answer questions, and pretty much anything else under the sun. She’s basically like your personal ‘tell me why’ and she never lets you down. But what if I told you that Siri too has betrayed you, and here’s how!

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iPhone discounts

Apple Sale Like No Other: MASSIVE Discounts on Latest iPhones

Spring has sprung, and so have Apple’s plans to boost the disappointing and ever dwindling iPhone sales in India. Their method of attack is a week-long mega sale with all the latest iPhone models discounted to ridiculously low prices. And while the Apple lovers in us are ooh-ing and aah-ing and getting our cards out of our wallets to purchase one (or couple) for ourselves, the sceptic in us can’t help but feel that the offer is too good to be true!

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iPhone 2019 camera

Rumour Roundup: 2019 iPhones Edition

As is the case with all Apple products still in the pipeline, there is a thick cloud of rumours surrounding the 2019 iPhones. Everyone who’s anyone has something to say, so we too decided to join the party and weigh in on some of the most popular rumours circulating about Apple’s future flagship phones.

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Apple Repair Policy

Apple Eases iPhone Repair Policy for Devices with Third-party Battery

Have you ever taken your broken iPhone to an Apple service centre, only to be told, “Sorry, we can’t”? Pissed off, you tell them, “But you are an Apple authorised service centre, aren’t you?”. But the tech guy rolls his eyes and replies, “Your phone has a third-party battery. And it’s against the iPhone repair policy.” Sounds familiar? Well, you wouldn’t have to go through such stress anymore.

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iPhone Xs MAX vs Galaxy S10+

Galaxy S10+ VS iPhone Xs Max – Battery Edition

Since the launch of the Galaxy S10+, it has been continually pitted against the iPhone Xs Max, and for a good reason too. It’s the only Samsung phone that has a chance against the supersized 2018 iPhone model. In the S10+ vs XS Max speed test, the former has definitively outshone the latter. And now, we’ve taken the next step with a battery life comparison. So, let’s see which one wins this round.

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iPhone apps

6 Underrated iPhone Utility Apps

Utility Apps aren’t the flashiest of the apps in the App Store, but they sure are useful. Developers have been pushing boundaries of what’s possible in the App world for as long as the App Store has been around. And utility apps, the iPhone equivalent of tools on a Swiss Army Knife have, in many cases, been leading the charge.

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