iPhone charging port

Dear Obsessive Cleaners, This is How You Keep iPhone Charging Port Dirt-Free

I have a theory about people who use Apple products. I believe they spend one-third of their lives cleaning whatever device (or devices) they’ve bought. They polish it, dust it, wipe off fingerprint smudges, go after it with a lint-free cloth, and lovingly scrub away any signs of wear and tear. God forbid if their iPhone, iPad, or iMac should look used. At all times, they have to remain pristine and sparkling, glowing with the rich aura of the money you spent on it. Read more

iPhone Shortcuts

10 iPhone Shortcuts Everyone Must Know

When you own an iPhone and that shiny slim beauty stares at you, you tend to smile like a maniac. With an iPhone, comes an entirely different level of comfort and intuitiveness. But wait, let me list the most helpful iPhone shortcuts out there to increase your infatuation even further! Read more

iPhone SE update

An iPhone SE Update Seems Unlikely Anytime Soon

The iPhone SE became very popular when it was launched in March 2016. The 4-inch iPhone had the look of iPhone 5s but internal specifications of 6s, including the A9 processor and a 12-megapixel camera with live photos support. These features made it a budget-friendly iPhone for many which led to high sales in many countries. However, it seems like Apple has no plans to have an update for the SE model in 2017. Read more