Apple vs Samsung

Apple vs Samsung Battle is Getting Closer Than Ever

Remember the famous ‘If you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone’ ad? It was an affirmation of the deep love Apple users have for their devices. This unparalleled customer delight has been a key contributor to Apple’s dominance in the smartphone market. But now, Apple’s biggest competitor – Samsung – has come within a whisker nullifying this advantage. Read more

iPhone 6S sales

iPhone 6S Beats the Latest Samsung Models to Become World’s Top Selling Smartphone of 2016

It would be safe to say that 2016 will not go down as a happy memory for Samsung. The year started on a promising note with Galaxy Note 7 getting splendid reviews from tech experts and users alike. But reviews aren’t of much use when devices start exploding in your face!  Samsung was forced into a global recall of the Note 7 and things went downhill from there. Read more

Tim Cook salary

Tim Cook’s Salary Cut After Apple’s Sales Fall in 2016

Everyone steps into the new year with hope and optimism lighting the way for the 365 days ahead. Apple, however, has stepped into a pile of crap made up of the losses they sustained last year. And their way of cleaning out their stables is by cutting salaries of topmost executives, including Tim Cook, CEO of the enterprise. That’s right,

That’s right, folks. Tim Cook was punished for being a bad boy and not making the company enough money! And you thought you were having a bad day at work.  Read more