Tim Cook India

Tim Cook Discusses Plans to Boost iPhone Sales in India and Other Key Markets

Faced with a massive fall in iPhone sales in India and other overseas markets like China, Russia, Turkey etc., Apple has been showing signs of desperation. They have been pushing promotions, offering exchange benefits, and even lowering the prices of the latest models. While these are short-term efforts, they’re also thinking of ways to sustainably increase iPhone sales without compromising on profits.

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New Year, New iPhone, and a Rumored New Wi-Fi

With a new iPhone unlikely to launch before the last quarter of 2019, the rumours about its features are surfacing way earlier than usual – even by Apple’s standards. And the specs include a long list of features, including an additional camera lens, a more efficient Face ID, and USB-C. But the birds are also buzzing about the move to WiFi 6, a substantial upgrade from the current WiFi 5.

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