It’s Official! Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21 Event

Apple has formally confirmed that its March event will be held on Monday the 21st.

The confirmation came in the form of Apple updating the official “Apple Events” page on its website last night. Earlier yesterday, Apple also sent out invites to various members of the Press. The invitations read “Let us loop you in”. Like always there must be some hidden meaning behind this tagline. Our best guess is that Apple is going to ‘loop in’ people who want smaller iPhones and iPad Pros.
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iPad Air 3 is Launching in March. Finally!

To the surprise of many Apple loyalists and tech experts, iPad Air didn’t get an upgrade at the September event last year. Apple is finally setting the record straight by launching next version of its most popular tablet at an event in March 2016! Read more

iPhone RAM flush

The Must Know Trick To Boost Your iPhone & iPad Speed

The iPhone is an excellent device for multitasking. It flawlessly handles almost any test you throw at it. But over a period the phone starts to get sluggish. That’s only natural. The iPhone might be a sophisticated machine, perhaps the best mobile phone out there, but it’s still prone to ageing. There’s no escaping that. What exactly causes this problem and how do you get around it? Let’s find out. Read more

broken lightning cable

DIY Solution For Those Broken Charging Cables

If I had to think of an object that personified the word ‘flimsy’, iPhone’s USB charging cable would fit the bill perfectly. I am a living testament to how frail those things are. In the two years that I’ve been using my iPhone, I’ve had to buy 3 replacement cables. 3!!!  Read more

iPhone folders

How to Create Sub-Folders on iPhone and iPad

Apple leaves many Easter eggs in every version of its operating systems. Most of these fun elements are delibreate, but some can be credited to unintentional bugs. One such ‘feature’ of iOS9 is the ability to create nested folders. Which basically means, you can add folders within folders. It’s a slightly tricky workaround, but works well once you get the hang of it.  Read more

iOS9 proactive intelligence

iOS 9’s Proactive Intelligence Explained

We all know what Siri can do for iPhone users. But now, there’s Proactive Intelligence, another flagship feature of Apple’s iOS 9 that is all about working out what you plan to do next; after which, it tries to help you do whatever it is you want to do. Read more

iPad iOS9 features

3 Amazing New Things iPads Can Do with iOS9

That Apple brings forth innovation in every new device it creates is a universally acknowledged fact. With the rolling out the much-anticipated iOS 9, it has unleashed a fresh wave of cutting edge features. While most updates are available on across iOS devices, some are restricted just to the iPads. Let us take a look at the three big iPad only features in iOS 9.  Read more


10 Coolest iOS 9 Features

We twiddled our toes, paced up and down eagerly, wore out the carpet, drove our friends and families up the wall with predictions and speculations … all while waiting for the iOS 9 to be released.

Our obsession finally paid off yesterday as we obediently updated our operating system the minute iOS 9 was launched. And then we spent the best part of the night taking it for a test drive. 

The verdict? We are absolutely loving it so far. It’s not a radical design change from the previous version, but there are some great under the hood upgrades. Here are some of the features we are enjoying the most.   Read more