Siri Google

Have You Heard Siri’s New Jokes?

Apple’s voice assistant Siri appears on the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac and now on the HomePod. It is a useful feature for things like setting reminders and starting the HomeKit scenes, but as it turns out, it also has quite an uncanny sense of humour! Read more

New iPad India

India Prices of New Apple Products Launched at WWDC

Behold: Prices of New iPad & Mac Models for India

The WWDC 2017 was an exciting affair. So many interesting announcements, so many OS upgrades, and a few new products. Even the much-ignored iMac series got their moment of glory, and pro users all over the world rejoiced, despite the hefty price tag associated with the new models. Read more

new iPad Pro

The New 10.5 Inch iPad Pro is Here

The much speculated 10.5 inch iPad Pro has finally been released at the WWDC keynote event. Along with the expected design tweaks, Apple has made some impressive hardware upgrades to the already powerful Pro lineup. Let’s take a look at what’s new and is it worth an update. Read more

Apple Pencil Surface Pen

Surface Pen vs Apple Pencil: The Battle of the Styluses

For a very long time, Apple stood against styluses. It was an abomination in the Jobs era. But the forces of the market are more powerful than the spirits of dead genius. Hence, it is that Apple Pencil has now arrived on stage. But is it too little too late? Let’s find out. This is: Surface Pen vs Apple Pencil. Read more

iPad 4 iPad Air

Apple Might Replace Your Broken iPad 4 With iPad Air 2

iPads are extremely robust devices. They can last for years without any hitch. We keeping running into people who are holding on to their 4 to 5-year-old iPads, simply because it still work perfectly fine. If you belong this category of long-term iPad users and happen to have an iPad 4, then you might be in for a surprise upgrade from Apple. Read more