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iPad 4 iPad Air

Apple Might Replace Your Broken iPad 4 With iPad Air 2

iPads are extremely robust devices. They can last for years without any hitch. We keeping running into people who are holding on to their 4 to 5-year-old iPads, simply because it still work perfectly fine. If you belong this category of long-term iPad users and happen to have an iPad 4, then you might be in for a surprise upgrade from Apple. Read more

Apple name tags

Apple’s Name Tags Are Getting Tangled. Again.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after his exile, the company had way too many products and no fixed policy of naming them. Jobs wanted to bring sense into their nomenclature; so he set out to rename all the products. Read more

Siri iOS 11

Two Most Wanted Changes Are Coming to Siri in iOS 11

Since its launch with the iPhone 4S, Siri has had the makings of a fun and useful feature. But somehow, it still hasn’t managed to live up to its potential. There are many reasons why many iPhone users, including us, haven’t integrated Siri in their daily lives. Two of the most common complaints about Siri are its lack of contextual understanding and learning user preferences, and Apple is set to address both these issues in the next iOS version. Read more

Apple Watch and AirPods

This Guy Thinks Apple is Underpricing its Products. He is Kind-of Right!

Scanning through Apple news all day is a perk of my job. Most of the articles I read talk about rumoured Apple products or some happening at the company. But at times, something comes up that makes me rethink my understanding of Apple. I came across one such post on the blog called Above Avalon.

Read more

Tim Cook

Microsoft Gifts A Surface Pro 4 To Tim Cook, Because Apparently It’s Better Than the iPad

Tim Cook was in attendance at a recent event sponsored by Microsoft. The China Development Forum was high profile event and Microsoft, being the chief sponsor, understandably wanted to do some free marketing. So it gave the attendees, all 300 of them, a Surface Pro 4. Read more

iOS 10 devices

iOS 10 is Already Installed on 75% of Compatible Devices

If you’re an iOS user, you’d be familiar with the urge to press that ‘Install’ button whenever an upgrade is announced by Apple. And if you’re not an iOS user, well, we can’t explain that feeling and you’ll never understand! Read more