iPad Storage & Price

That’s a Surprise! Apple Just Doubled iPad Storage & Reduced Prices

As you know that, starting with iPhone 7, Apple has upgraded the base storage of iPhones to 32 GB. While we were expecting this update on iPhone 7, it was a pleasant surprise to see the change being carried forward to the older iPhone 6S models as well. But the fun didn’t stop there …

The increase in storage has been extended to iPads as well!

Although Apple didn’t announce the change publicly during the event, the storage update on iPad models appeared on Apple’s website along with the addition of new products.

iPad Pro lineup has been upgraded to same storage slabs as iPhone 7 – 32/128/256 GB.

iPad Air 2 has also seen a change in the storage configuration and is now offering a 32 GB and a 128 GB model in both the Wifi and Wifi+Cellular variations.

iPad mini 2 has not seen any change and it would be safe to assume that it will slowly fall out of the line-up in the coming months.

Cherry on the top – iPad Pro Price Cut

Not only have the storage options doubled, the prices of iPad Pros have dropped as well! Check out these news prices 9to5Mac has reported for the US:

9.7-inch iPad Pro

– 128GB: $699 (was $749)
– 256GB: $799 (was $899)
– 128GB with LTE: $829 (was $879)
– 256GB with LTE: $929 (was $1,029)

12.9-inch iPad Pro

– 128GB: $899 (was $949)
– 256GB: $999 (was $1,099)
– 128GB Cellular: $1,029 (was $1,079) – 256GB with LTE: $1,129 (was $1,229)

Please note that these changes in price have not yet appeared on the Indian market. However, we can take safely assume that soon these discounts will make their way into our country as well. We can safely assume a reduction of INR 5-8 K at least.

Double the Discount

Considering the fact that Apple has increased the storage without changing the prices, it’s an effective reduction in cost. (You’re getting more for the same price, therefore the price of the commodity has dropped).

More importantly, when a real price drop inevitably comes from Apple, the net price reduction is going to make the iPad Pro quite affordable. If not anything else, you’ll be able to buy the accessories (keyboard and Pencil) without much thought now. And obviously, the real fun of iPad Pro is with the Pencil!!

A new lineup of iPads isn’t expected until fall 2017. In the meanwhile, we do hope that we see an actual price drop in iPad’s Pro versions. At least for us in India, these badasses of tablet technology cost nearly in six-digits when bought with all their paraphernalia. And for once, we want to be able to buy one of these beauties without compromising on food. Or our souls.


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