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tvOS Amazon Prime

tvOS Gets Just One But a Significant Update

This year’s WWDC was probably the longest Apple keynote event ever. The marathon two and a half hours long was jam packed with one announcement after another. With so much stuff to cover, it was expected that Apple would skim through one of the updates and it happened to be tvOS. Read more

Apple TV competition

Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV vs Google Chromecast

Traditional television as we know it is dead. At least, it’s dying, and dying fast. YouTube was the first blow, followed by services such as Netflix. And then the world of on-demand streaming exploded. Amazon Fire Stick just proves the point.

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Apple Watch and AirPods

This Guy Thinks Apple is Underpricing its Products. He is Kind-of Right!

Scanning through Apple news all day is a perk of my job. Most of the articles I read talk about rumoured Apple products or some happening at the company. But at times, something comes up that makes me rethink my understanding of Apple. I came across one such post on the blog called Above Avalon.

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Apple TV

Apple TV is Headed for A 4K Upgrade. But is it enough?

Apple TV is a great product, but it’s not nearly competent enough to stack up against the other streaming stalwarts in the market. In a bid to enhance their claim, Apple is planning to bring 4K streaming to the Apple TV. Read more


What Apple – Flipkart Partnership Means for the Indian Market

Flipkart needs absolutely no introduction. Best known for their whacky ads and online sales that garner attention for all the wrong reasons (remember the debacle last year), this e-commerce site has made news yet again. In a first of its kind move, Flipkart has joined hands with Apple to sell the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in India.  Read more


Apple Product-Line Shake Up: A Lot Has Changed!

It is a fact that Apple’s announcement of a new iPhone model is usually followed by a decrease in the price of the previous models and this year was no exception. The prices of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus were slashed right after the launch of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Apart from that, there has been an overall reworking of Apple product-line. Read more