Apple Family Sharing

Apple Family Sharing – It’s All About Loving your Family!

India is a nation that loves its families. Small families, large families, extended families – they all have a place in our hearts. Whether they are settled abroad or tucked away in one of the small towns in India, we love them equally. And we share everything with them – gossip, news, food, memories, happy moments, sad moments, and now, thanks to Apple, even purchases from iTunes and the AppStore! Read more

Apple bug reporting

Apple Bug Reporting System is Really Buggy. How Ironic!

In just a couple of months, at WWDC, Apple will announce iOS 11 and macOS 10.13. These software updates will bring many new features to the iPhone and MacBook operating systems. However, along with the improvements, there are bound to be a few bugs that will dampen the upgrade experience. It’s pretty much a package deal.
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Apple tech support

Apple Tech Support Declared No. 1 for Third Year Running

There aren’t many good things we ever say about customer support. If getting connected to them is a pain in the arse, interacting with them and explaining the nature of our problem is nothing short of a nightmare. The general consensus seems to be that they’ve rounded up the simplest (read: dumbest) minds of the universe and trained them with the sole purpose of aggravating the sanity out of us. Read more


Instagram Adds The Option Of Posting Upto 10 Pictures At A Time

Starting today, you will be able to share multiple images/videos in a single post in Instagram. The photo-sharing platform announced this on their blog yesterday.

How to get the new feature?

Instagram has added the option of sharing multiple photos to both iOS and Android. You simply have to update your app to the latest version by going to the AppStore to be able to enjoy the feature.

How to use the new feature?

“When uploading to your feed, you’ll see a new icon to select multiple photos and videos,” explains Instagram. You’ll see a small icon with blue, overlapping squares.


You can change the filters for each pic individually and change their order if you want. However, there will be only one caption for all the photos combined.


On your profile, the images will occupy just one square block. However, they’ll have the same “multiple squares” icon from before on them, only this time, it will be in white. This will let others that there are more photos to be seen in the post.


Finally, in your newsfeed, posts with multiple images will appear with a few blue dots at the bottom. You can swipe left or right to see all the images/videos.


This is a great new feature by Instagram, especially for people with OCD like me. This will let you organise your photos by events, making it easy to find all the related photos together. Also, it will declutter your profile, which is something that was really missing from Instagram!

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