3D Touch

Samsung is Copying iPhone’s 3D Touch Feature

History has it that every time Apple has come up with a new innovation for their iPhones, too cool for everyone to handle, Samsung would be the first company to pop up with a technology much too similar to theirs. So, now the South Korean tech giant has finally worked out on how to *cough* rip off 3D Touch. Read more

smartphone market race

Android vs iOS: Who’s Winning the Smartphone Market Race?

Once upon a time, the smartphone market used to be open to several different players. There were different phones and different operating systems and each managed to coexist with the other, happy in the niche it had carved for itself.

Today, what we see is a duopoly — a market dominated by two major players. No points for guessing who they are. Android and iOS, both giants in their own right, have seized control of practically the entire smartphone industry, new data reveals.  Read more

iMessage on Android

iMessage on Android is Never Going to Happen

Recently, there was news of Apple launching their iMessage app for Android. Some people (myself included) got excited. As an Android user, it was good news. If I couldn’t get my hands on an iPhone, I would at least be able to access iMessage on Android. For gareeb people like me, that’s a huge consolation! Read more

Smartphone Sales

As Smartphone Market Slows Down, Apple Continues Losing Share to Android

Mary Meeker’s 2016 Internet Trends presentation is a source of immense knowledge about the world of technology. Although its primary focus is on how consumers use the Internet, it also throws substantial light on the smartphone industry. This year’s report had some interesting and surprising revelations to make about the smartphone markets the world over. Read more