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Apple Will Start Trial Assembly of iPhone India Plant in May’17

Apple India

Apple has taken the first steps towards giving us an iPhone manufactured in India. After being denied a lot of tax-exemptions by the Indian government, Apple finally decided to go ahead with the plan without any financial aid.

The Economic Times reports —

“Taiwanese original design manufacturer Wistron — with which Apple has a contract — will begin assembling the iconic phones at its unit in a Bengaluru suburb.”

Apple is reported to start the manufacturing process with the iPhone SE. It is on track to kick-off manufacturing the iPhones at the Bengaluru facility by the end of Quarter 2, 2017.

A trial assembly is the first concrete sign of the manufacturing unit.

It’s great to see that Apple is not hesitating to take that first step, with or without the government’s help. However, that doesn’t mean that Apple is giving up the fight.

Apple will continue to push for legislative change. It will also continue to demand financial aid in terms of tax-exemptions and import duty reduction on its goods and technology.

Some government officials seem to be in agreement, and seem to be planning for the long term —

“We are working to see that (Apple) brings its entire component making ecosystem to Bengaluru and begins to export from here,” one official was quoted as saying. “We are not much concerned about Apple making iPhones for the domestic market, which will happen anyway.”

It’s a good sign that Apple has support from within the ranks of the government. If Apple has to win the Indian market, it’s imperative that it establishes itself more firmly here. And that’s not going to happen if the government is unwilling to cooperate.

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