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India Prices of New Apple Products Launched at WWDC

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Behold: Prices of New iPad & Mac Models for India

The WWDC 2017 was an exciting affair. So many interesting announcements, so many OS upgrades, and a few new products. Even the much-ignored iMac series got their moment of glory, and pro users all over the world rejoiced, despite the hefty price tag associated with the new models.

Meanwhile, Indians here are wondering “Apne ko kitne ka choona lagega, bhai?” Translation: How badly is Apple going to stiff us?

We have an answer now, thanks to Gadgets 360 that has unveiled the prices of the latest Apple products in India. Here’s what we’ll have to pay for the new iPad, Mac, and iMac series.

iPad Price in India

The new 10.5-inch iPad Pro (Wi-fi model) starts with a price tag of more than 50,000 rupees. As usual, the wifi + cellular variant comes at a premium cost and the range starts off at 63,900 rupees.

As for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the price of the first two variants (64GB and 256 GB) remains unchanged. However, the top-end models come with a beefy price tag, but guarantee a lot more storage in return.

iPad Pro: 10.5-inch Wi-fi model

64GB: INR 52,900

256GB: INR 60,900

512GB: INR 76,900

iPad Pro: 10.5-inch Wi-fi + Cellular model

64GB: INR 63,900

256GB: INR 71,900

512GB: INR 87,900

iPad Pro: 12.9-inch Wi-fi model

64GB: INR 65,900

256GB: INR 73,900

512GB: INR 89,900

iPad Pro: 12.9-inch Wi-fi + Cellular model

64GB: INR 76,900

256GB: INR 84,900

512GB: INR 1,00,900

MacBook Price in India

MacBook Air has received really minor speed bumps and the price remains the same. Apple also slashed the price of the 13-inch MacBook Pro from 1,29,000 to 1,09,000, but, for some reason, felt the need to reduce storage from 256GB to 128GB. The other models have also seen a nominal price cut, but nothing that makes our hearts go aflutter.

MacBook Air 128GB SSD Storage: INR 80,900

MacBook Air 256GB SSD Storage: INR 96,900

13-inch MacBook Pro 128GB SSD Storage (without TouchBar): INR 1,09,900

13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB SSD Storage (without TouchBar): INR 1,26,900

13-inch MacBook Pro 256GB SSD Storage (with TouchBar): INR 1,54,900

13-inch MacBook Pro 512GB SSD Storage (with TouchBar): INR 1,71,900

15-inch MacBook Pro 256GB SSD Storage (with TouchBar): INR 2,05,900

15-inch MacBook Pro 128GB SSD Storage (with TouchBar): INR 2,39,900

12-inch MacBook 256 GB SSD Storage: INR 1,09,900

12-inch MacBook 512 GB SSD Storage: INR 1,34,900

iMac Price in India

Like we said earlier, the iMacs have received a makeover and people are as happy as they can be. If you’re a pro user, get ready to shell out more than 90,000 bucks for the 21.5-inch non-Retina model with newer innards. At the other end of the spectrum are the 27.5-inch Retina iMacs, which are priced at upwards of 1.6 lac rupees. Gulp!

21.5-inch iMac, Non-Retina: INR 90,900

21.5-inch iMac, Retina: INR 1,07,900

21.5-inch iMac, Retina (with 1TB Fusion Drive): INR 1,24,900

27.5-inch iMac, Retina Base Model: INR 1,48,900

27.5-inch iMac, Retina (With 2TB Fusion Drive): INR 1,65,900

27.5-inch iMac, Retina (With 3TB Fusion Drive): INR 1,89,900

All right, boys. It’s time to break your piggy banks and bring home your favourite toys. Happy bankruptcy!

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