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This is How You Undelete Emails in the iOS Mail App

A few days back, I deleted an email while using the iOS Mail App. A pop-up appeared asking me if I wanted to “Undo Trash”. Since I’d never seen this notification before, I didn’t quite understand what would happen if I responded to it. Would it ‘un-delete’ all my deleted emails? If so, where would the un-deleted emails wind up, and for how long exactly? Read more

macOS Sierra best features

macOS Sierra Features That You’ll Love Using

Although MacOS Sierra is not a substantial upgrade, there are several minor changes that work beautifully with the iPhone 7 or the Apple Watch Series 2. On doodling around a bit, I have compiled a list of the best features of the upgrade that might be helpful if you’ve been too busy to find out. Read more


iCloud Photos or Google Photos: Which One’s Better?

Should I save my photos in iCloud or Google Photos? – This is one question we get asked most frequently, and rightly so! With cameras becoming better and better and fitting right into our pockets, how can we stop ourselves from clicking away night and day? And since these are all high-quality pictures, their number and the file size, both, create the biggest problem faced by the present generation — running out of storage space. Read more


Apple AirPods – The Complete Guide

Along with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, Apple also introduced the AirPods at the September event. Apple thinks that the future of iPhone lies in wireless Bluetooth headphones and the AirPods are a glimpse of that.

So, what exactly are the Apple AirPods and where do they stand in the not so wireless-ready present? Read more