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Macbook Pro Surface Book

Surface Book vs MacBook Pro: The Battle of the Laptops

The PC/laptop rivalry between Apple and Microsoft was out of steam for a bit when Apple dominated the market hands-down. Once Microsoft decided to start manufacturing their own devices, however, a new era of competition has begun. Today we pitch together the stars from each company to see how they stack-up against each other. This is: Surface Book vs MacBook Pro! Read more

Apple TV competition

Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV vs Google Chromecast

Traditional television as we know it is dead. At least, it’s dying, and dying fast. YouTube was the first blow, followed by services such as Netflix. And then the world of on-demand streaming exploded. Amazon Fire Stick just proves the point.

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Just How Good is iPhone 7’s Display?

When Apple unveiled the iPhone 7 last month, the focus was on features like the new home button, the jet black finish, ‘new’ design and its drastically improved camera. Team Apple also spent ample time talking about its decision to remove the headphone jack and the new Mario game. But the thing that stood out for me was the new display. Read more

Mediatrans Review

MacX MediaTans Review: A Better Way to Transfer Data between iPhone, iPad & Mac

Apple products behave very much like a real family. They gel well together and are perfectly compatible with each other. We love the Apple ecosystem and the ease of use it gives to us. But we also resent the utter lack of control Apple gives us. If you’ve ever tried to manage/sort files on your iPhone or iPad, you know what we’re talking about. Read more

iOS 10 iMessage Mac

Most New iMessage Features are Not Available on Mac

With the launch of iOS 10, Apple announced a plethora of new features for iMessage, each one more fascinating than the next! From cool animations to handwriting support, there’s plenty to keep us hooked to this new version of messaging that Apple has given us. If you want a quick look at the new features in iMessage, you can read a previous post we did on this. Read more

RightTap review

RightTap: India’s First Universal Customer Care App!

If cricket is our national pastime, customer care is our national frustration. We deal with many brands every day and none of them come close to giving a truly satisfying experience. It’s such an irony because with all the BPOs we have in India, we literally are the world’s customer care hub. Read more