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iPad Pro 9.7-inch: The iPad of Your Dreams

Last year, when Apple launched the iPad Pro – the 12.9-inch juggernaut that packed enough punch to replace laptops – I knew I’d found the iPad of my dreams. Those specs, all that power, the beauty, and that pencil … oh, that pencil … how could I not lust after the iPad Pro! Read more

iPhone 7 leaked images

iPhone 7 Leaked Images – Real or Not?

The launch of iPhone 7 is months down the line; and yet, the curious cats that we are, we can’t help seek out and revel in all the leaks and rumours going around the Internet. The latest is a bunch of leaked photos of what could well be the next iPhone! Read more

Siri on Mac

Siri Coming to Mac. Finally!

With the launch of OS X Mavericks, Apple showed its intent to bridge the gap between iOS and Mac OS. The Mac OS got a lot flatter and cleaner, to better mimic its mobile counterpart. Apple also introduced the ability to make and receive calls right from the Mac. Read more

It’s Official! Apple Sends Out Invites For March 21 Event

Apple has formally confirmed that its March event will be held on Monday the 21st.

The confirmation came in the form of Apple updating the official “Apple Events” page on its website last night. Earlier yesterday, Apple also sent out invites to various members of the Press. The invitations read “Let us loop you in”. Like always there must be some hidden meaning behind this tagline. Our best guess is that Apple is going to ‘loop in’ people who want smaller iPhones and iPad Pros.
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