Apple Watch vs Swiss Watch

Smartwatches Overtake Swiss Watches

We know that technology is overtaking our lives. But we don’t get a sense of how overwhelmingly true that is until a stat like this comes up: In the last quarter of 2015, smartwatch shipments surpassed those of traditional Swiss-made timepieces for the first time ever! Read more

Apple Watch 2 news

What We Expect to See in Apple Watch 2

Right around the time Apple introduced the original Apple Watch, there have been debates whether this wearable device will adhere to Apple’s yearly upgrade cycle like iPhones or iPads. Or will it fall in the Macbook category whose refresh timelines are 18 to 24 months? Read more

apple event march 2016

Apple’s Next Event Will Be On March 15

We’ve been talking about Apple’s upcoming March event for quite some time now. Most of the information we gave you about it was largely speculative in nature. We’re happy to finally be able to give you some sure-footed news! Read more