Apple anti repair policy

Apple Anti Repair Policy is Pro-Profits and Anti-Customers

Imagine you cracked the screen of your iPhone because you lost your mind for a split second and could not give the phone all the care and attention that is usually reserved for newborn babies. It happens! You naturally take the phone to the Apple Service Center to get it repaired but ta-da, Apple says they won’t repair it because you have a third party battery installed. What’s the connection you ask. “Read the Apple anti-repair policy,” the technician shrugs.

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iPad 2019

Apple Rumour Alert: New iPad​s to Launch in April

If you’ve been planning on buying a new iPad, you might want to wait a little longer as a series of new rumours point towards the possibility of new iPad launches in the first half of 2019. Apple is reportedly going to release two new versions of the iPad – the long-awaited iPad mini 5 and a yearly upgrade of the current entry-level iPad.

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AirPower Mat

Apple AirPower Mat: No More a Distant Dream?

Have you given up waiting for the futuristic Apple AirPower Mat that promised simultaneous wireless charging of your iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods? Well, it’s time you revive your interest in it because a string of new rumours is suggesting that the AirPower Mat might be coming after all .

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AirPlay2 Smart TVs

2019 Smart TVs are Getting AirPlay2 and HomeKit Support

Up until a little while ago, Apple was an exclusive ‘Members Only’ club that kept its doors closed to all those it deemed beneath it (read: all non-apple owners). But now, it seems that Apple is being forced to finally open up its doors to the mere mortals of the smartphone realm.

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New Year, New iPhone, and a Rumored New Wi-Fi

With a new iPhone unlikely to launch before the last quarter of 2019, the rumours about its features are surfacing way earlier than usual – even by Apple’s standards. And the specs include a long list of features, including an additional camera lens, a more efficient Face ID, and USB-C. But the birds are also buzzing about the move to WiFi 6, a substantial upgrade from the current WiFi 5.

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