5 Things To Do While You Wait For Your iPhone 6 Plus

So you have marked the BIG date in your calendar. Decision has been made to go with the bigger (read: gigantic) iPhone 6 Plus. The retail store that is likely to draw the least crowd yet have enough stocks has been strategically identified. Plans have been made to reach about an hour before the stores open. Basically everything that could have been pre-done has be done.

What now? How do you get past the irritatingly long 10 days till the iPhone 6 Plus launches in India on 17th October. We have an idea. Actually, we have 5 ideas! Read more

Apple CEO Tim Cook

Guess Where Apple CEO Invested His Money?

What does Tim Cook – the world’s most famous CEO of the world’s most famous tech company – do when he isn’t thinking about iPhones, iPads, or the Apple Watch? Apparently, he is busy with thoughts of foraying into the eco-friendly shower head business. Read more

Selfie iPhone thieves

iPhone Thieves Identified Because of Selfie Stupidity

This is perhaps the funniest and the stupidest thing we have read in a long long time!

A post containing group selfies clicked by a gang of imbeciles (read: iPhone thieves) has gone viral on Facebook. Not only this, the silly photos have been shared more than 100,000 times since being posted by the phone’s rightful owner, Kelly Jones. Read more

working at Apple

Dreaming of Working for Apple? Think Again.

So … it turns out Apple is NOT the most perfect company in the universe. It may be the undisputed king in the world of technology, but it doesn’t exactly get a medal when it comes to treating its employees! There have been some complaints from both current and former employees which reveal that their experience at Apple wasn’t all that hunky dory. Read more


Batman to play the Super-Tech-Man

There is good news, there is great news, and then there is THIS news. Speculations around the lead actor for Steve Job’s biopic have ended, and, as you can tell, we couldn’t have been happier with the name that’s been announced. It’s our favourite superhero – Christain Bale a.k.a Batman. Read more

5 Myths About Steve Jobs You Must Know

steve-jobs-death-1It’s been almost 5 years since we heard the sad news of Steve Job’s death. It’s still hard to imagine Apple without his magic attached.

That man was a rockstar in his own right. He was a college dropout, a demanding boss, and an unapologetic critic of his competitors. Yet, he was also a visionary and one of the most brilliant inventors of 21st century, with a cult following of his own in the world of technology.

Read more