Apple virtual reality

Is Apple Working on a Virtual Reality Product?

All of applied science works the same way. It’s a theory until its manufacturing becomes commercially viable. After that we see a hoard of corporate giants pumping billions of dollars into the idea to gain and expand their consumer base. It happened with the PC, portable music players, and smartphones. Now, it’s happening to Virtual Reality (VR). Read more

Apple Security

That’s Just Too Much Security Apple

Peggy Bush is a resident of Victoria, Canada. Her 72-year-old husband, David, passed away due to cancer. That was last August. Since then Peggy has been keeping David’s memory alive by playing card games on his iPad – the very same games they used to play together before his death. Read more

Internet Explorer discontinued

Rest in Peace Internet Explorer

Yes yes, we know that IE isn’t available for Mac. And that writing about it on an Apple blog doesn’t make much sense. But when Microsoft announced that it will be permanently shutting down all the older versions of IE (except IE 11), we couldn’t help but feel a part of our childhood being lost. What else did we have in 1995, except IE, Swat Kats and Super Mario! It is an end of an era, and we couldn’t stop ourselves from writing about it. Read more

Tim Cook Salary 2015

The ‘Poor’ CEO!!

Have you ever closed your eyes and thought to yourself, “How I wish I were the CEO of Apple”? Well, just be glad this wish hasn’t come true for you. Because apparently, in the Apple world, a senior executive makes more than Tim Cook, the CEO! Read more

Rose Gold Android Phone

Android Once Again Copies iPhone By Introducing Rose Gold Colour

Android fanboys ridiculed Apple when it launched those gold iPhones. They were all like ‘Yeah, we get it, you are costly. Enough with the bling already!’ And then, within months, we saw Samsung and other Android phone manufacturers splashing a liberal dose of gold on their handsets. Talk about taking a 180-degree turn!

Fast forward one year. Apple introduced the Rose Gold colour, and Android lovers were like ‘Now, this is too much’. And then … you guessed it! Welcome Rose Gold Android phones! Read more

Apple job

Bizarre Questions that Apple Asks at Job Interviews

You know how you get all those Whatsapp forward messages that reads: “This question was asked in the IAS exam. Solve it if you are a genius.” Yeah well, we can’t be sure how accurate those texts are, but we do have a list of interesting questions that were actually put to prospective candidates at Apple. Read more

Apple fashion

10 Surprising Apple Products You Didn’t Know About

Contrary to popular belief, not everything Steve Jobs touched turned to gold. In its almost four-decade long existence, Apple has released many products which weren’t smash hits. In fact they weren’t even moderate successes and Apple had to stop production due to losses. Obviously, these products were never heard of again. Read more

Facebook new like button

Facebook is Adding Emojis to the Like Button

We have heard repeated rumours about Facebook supplementing its very popular ‘Like’ button with a Dislike option. While that hasn’t happened yet, we are about to get a different variation of the Like button in the form of emoticons. Facebook has already started testing these ‘Reactions’ and is getting mixed reviews. Read more