iPhone 7 headphone jack

Why We Are Excited About iPhone 7 Without the Headphone Jack

We recently discussed the possible features that we are likely to see in iPhone 7. The post mentioned that Apple might be ditching the good old 3.5 mm headphone jack to make the iPhone thinner. It was one of those ‘maybes’ in the list and didn’t raise many eyebrows.

However, as more and more publications and industry insiders gave a nod to the rumour, people started believing in the possibility, and most of them weren’t happy. Our initial reaction was similar, but when we dove deeper to understand the possible reasons behind this move, the mood changed from apprehension to anticipation.

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Apple Android fans

My Name Is Applesutra, And I Am Not An Android Hater!

In a wonderful article titled ‘It’s Not a Church, It’s Just an Apple Store’, Walt Mossberg calls out to the “cultists” who would sooner stab you than hear about how their iPhone might not be a work of God.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all come across some die hard Apple (or Android) fan-boy who refuses to see reason, let alone accept constructive criticism.

But at Applesutra, we are all about the parity. Here are a few reasons why Apple fanatics are wrong about Android. And vice-versa. Read more

iPhone price India

India Sells World’s Most Expensive & Cheapest iPhone!

The recent price cuts from Apple in India have now created a new paradigm. Something that has never happened before — the iPhone 5S in India has become the cheapest iPhone in the world! On the other hand, the Indian iPhone 6S Plus holds the distinction of being the costliest iPhone in the world!
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iPhone 6S chipgate

iPhone 6S #Chipgate: Does your phone have the ‘bad’ chip?

Ever since Richard Nixon’s resignation from the Office of the President in a now infamous incident called Watergate, the suffix “gate” has come to be associated with anything scandalous. And while the nomenclature was supposed to be reserved for political disgrace only, like most pop-culture, it has seeped into various other aspects of our lives.

The tech industry wasn’t spared as well. Apple, in particular, has already suffered through many such “gates”. The most infamous among them were the ‘Bendgate’ and
 the ‘Antennagate’.

This year there is new gate, and it’s called ‘Chipgate’! Read more

16gb iPhone 6S Plus

Do Not Buy 16GB iPhone 6S. Please!

This year too, like every year before this, Apple pushed the boundaries of smartphone technology with the launch of two new flagship iPhones – the 6S and 6S Plus. While they are simply the best iPhones ever and it’s hard to find any fault in them, we do have one grudge – the huge compromise that Apple has made yet again in offering storage. Read more

“Take a spiritual pilgrimage to India, Mark”, said Jobs

Dear Apple Fans, do you remember Steve Jobs’ pilgrimage to India way back in 1974? The famous spiritual trip during which he came up with many revolutionary ideas that served him so well in the future? Well, it turns out that another brilliant entrepreneur embarked on a similar quest on Jobs’ advice. And it was none other than Mark Zuckerberg! Read more

iPhone prices worldwide

iPhone Prices Worldwide: Who Gets the Best Deal?

In India, the fastest way to get people talking about your ‘extravagant’ lifestyle is to buy an iPhone. Anybody around you who doesn’t have an iPhone is going to come back to you with taunts that can broadly be classified into 3 categories 

  1. The Envious – ‘Haan haan, bade paise uda raha hai aaj kal!’
  2. The Enlightened – ‘I would never spend so much on a phone, dude! It’s just … criminal. Think about world hunger. And poverty.
  3. The Economist – ‘You could have bought a cheaper phone and invested in mutual funds that would have got you 10% over the next … zzzz!

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