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Apple name tags

Apple’s Name Tags Are Getting Tangled. Again.

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple after his exile, the company had way too many products and no fixed policy of naming them. Jobs wanted to bring sense into their nomenclature; so he set out to rename all the products. Read more

Apple bug reporting

Apple Bug Reporting System is Really Buggy. How Ironic!

In just a couple of months, at WWDC, Apple will announce iOS 11 and macOS 10.13. These software updates will bring many new features to the iPhone and MacBook operating systems. However, along with the improvements, there are bound to be a few bugs that will dampen the upgrade experience. It’s pretty much a package deal.
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Apple Watch and AirPods

This Guy Thinks Apple is Underpricing its Products. He is Kind-of Right!

Scanning through Apple news all day is a perk of my job. Most of the articles I read talk about rumoured Apple products or some happening at the company. But at times, something comes up that makes me rethink my understanding of Apple. I came across one such post on the blog called Above Avalon.

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Super Mario iOS update

Super Mario iOS Update Brings Free Content and New Characters. But Is It Too Little Too Late?

Back in September Tim Cook kicked off the iPhone 7 keynote event with a surprise announcement that our beloved Mario was making his way to iOS devices. Understandably, the whole auditorium erupted in delight. It a such an amazing feeling! Mario on the iPhone!!

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Apple Two Factor Authentication

Apple is Asking Users to Enable Two Factor Authentication. We Agree Wholeheartedly.

In their latest betas for iOS 10.3 and MacOS Sierra, Apple has started encouraging users to eTwo-FactorFactor Authentication on their devices. While this might come across as a pushy move at first, we strongly agree with Apple on this and feel that you should definitely act on this advice.  Read more

the new apple customer

Apple Shifts Attention to Corporations; We Are No Longer Their Prized Customer!

Listen up, people! You’ve been Apple’s primary customer for a very long time, but your days of hogging all the attention are over. Initially, Apple wanted to make gadgets that helped ordinary people, but of late, their ‘ideal customer’ tag seems to have gone to another group — the corporations!  Read more


Sober Thoughts on the New MacBook Pro

Apple’s new range of MacBook Pro got all the updates we’d expected — they are faster, thinner, and lighter; the screens are sharper, the batteries last longer, and the trackpad is bigger. They’ve also got a feature we’d anticipated — the OLED Touch Bar and integrated Touch ID sensor. Read more

Why is Apple So Successful?

Apple’s latest iPhone was launched about a month back. The much-awaited device is well on its way to breaking multiple sales records, many of which were set by previous iPhones! Although people predicted the success of the iPhone 7, it still amazes us to see it perform so well. Read more