iPhone Xr discount

Within 4 Months of its Launch, Apple India is Offering Big Discounts on iPhone Xr

February is considered the month of romance and Apple resellers are really spreading the love with an amazing discount on iPhone Xr. So, whether you’re looking to buy a (delayed) Valentine’s gift for your significant other or you’re in the mood to pick up something for a friend or a family member or even yourself, this deal is worth giving a second look.

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Tim Cook India

Tim Cook Discusses Plans to Boost iPhone Sales in India and Other Key Markets

Faced with a massive fall in iPhone sales in India and other overseas markets like China, Russia, Turkey etc., Apple has been showing signs of desperation. They have been pushing promotions, offering exchange benefits, and even lowering the prices of the latest models. While these are short-term efforts, they’re also thinking of ways to sustainably increase iPhone sales without compromising on profits.

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iPhone sales India

How Falling iPhone Sales in India is Affecting Apple

iPhones have been a rage ever since Steve Job introduced the product line more than a decade ago. Everyone seems to be in love with the device in spite of its hefty price tag. However, as it can be seen from the falling iPhone sales in India (and worldwide), the fascination isn’t translating into actual purchases like it used to.

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