Narendra Modi India Tim Cook Apple Meeting

Narendra Modi and Tim Cook Meeting Promises Ache Din for Apple in India

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi will soon be visiting the US (again). This time, however, he will concentrate on the West Coast – home to the biggest tech companies in the world. It’s been confirmed that he’ll be meeting the CEOs of the biggest names in Silicon Valley – Google, Facebook, and Apple.

The last one is what concerns us the most. Why? Well, firstly because we are all about Apple in India. And also, when your PM meets the CEO of the world’s largest company, you should sit up and take notice. Read more

iOS 9 features India

iOS 9: What’s Not Available in India

We are getting an overwhelming response for a post we uploaded recently – 10 coolest iOS 9 features. Most people seem to share our enthusiasm about Apple’s new mobile operating system, which is great! But what if we told you that the iOS you’re loving is an incomplete experience? That’s right! There are some key facets of iOS 9 that aren’t accessible in India.

Here is the list of what all of us are missing out on. Read more

Why You Shouldn’t Pre-Order the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus

If you’re an iPhone enthusiast, the mega-announcement that Apple’s authorised resellers (and some online retailers) are taking pre-orders for both the new iPhones from the seventh of this month wouldn’t have escaped you.

We can understand your excitement and empathise with your temptation. We’re equally excited too. However, at the risk of sounding like party-poopers, we strongly advise you NOT to pre-order your iPhone. Here’s why. Read more

Apple lands a lawsuit in India; this time it’s “iFon”

Shakespeare was absolutely wrong when he famously wrote “What’s in a name?”. In the 21st century, a brand’s success depends on its name. Sometime in 2007, a Tamil Nadu-based company, iVoice Enterprises Limited’ tasted failure when their affordable yet feature-rich product called ‘iFon’ or ‘India Phone’ got shelved even before it hit the market. Read more

iPhone 6S launch

New iPhones Coming on 9 September

It’s time to pump money into your ‘my next iPhone fund’! Start hinting about all the ‘problems’ that have crept up into your iPhone 6. Become friendlier with people who are likely to buy your old phone. Do all this quickly because the new iPhones are only a month away! Read more

Apple watch launch in India

India (too) optimistic about getting Apple Watch in February

It’s been 4 months since Tim Cook, grinning like a 10 year old readying to show off his new bicycle, mimicked the legendary ‘one more thing’. Within few minutes, all speculations about Apple’s first wearable device were either confirmed or contradicted. However, one string was left untied by bracketing Apple Watch’s launch date of the as ‘early 2015’.

Read more