No Need for Wifi, Apple TV Now Supports AirPlay Over Bluetooth

Apple TV AirPlay

Did you know that your iPhone can now use Bluetooth to connect to a nearby Apple TV through AirPlay? This means that you can now play videos on mobile data and still stream to an Apple TV!

Provided you’re using the latest Apple devices and all the software that you’re using are updated, you can make use of Bluetooth to AirPlay content on your Apple TV. The result will be the same as streaming over the local Wi-Fi network. So if you have a non-reliable Wi-Fi setup, you can still get your stream content across your Apple devices, thanks to this feature upgrade.

At times you may not see Airplay speakers listed on your iPad or have a single router setup with just a couple of networks running in there. And in such cases, if you use multiple subnets you might never have your iPhone connect to your Apple TV. But now, with the right iOS and Apple TV software, your devices will be able to interact with one another directly over Bluetooth 4.

Here are the requirements:

  • iOS version 7.1 (released in March 2014) or later 
  • Apple TV with version 6.1 (released in March 2014) or later
  • IP connectivity between the two devices
  • Bluetooth 4.0 compatible devices

Apple TV has become an awesome replacement for the traditional media streaming devices in both personal and business settings. There are many educational institutions that are making use of it in classrooms. These upgrades to the Apple TV certainly have made it easier for many administrators to contemplate switching to Apple’s digital solutions. Same goes for your usage as well.

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