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Apple India Drops Prices for iPhones, iPads and Macs after GST Implementation


The Government of India launched the GST from July 1 and while the country is divided if it’s actually helpful or not, one thing we know for sure is that Apple India is very pleased with new tax laws.

Why? Because the introduction of GST has led to massive price drops for all Apple products — which means that they are now more affordable — which means more of us can now buy these shiny products — which means more sales for Apple – which means more market share in India — which means a happy Tim Cook!!

Even if Tim Cook is not happy, we certainly are. And why wouldn’t we be? GST has made the iPhone (and other Apple devices) so much cheaper. Here’s a look at them all:

Starting from a discount of Rs 2,200, some iPhone models have lost as much as Rs 6,600 from their price tag!

The iPad Pro models all get a standard Rs 3000 off. Other models have a little less discount:


Great news for people thinking of buying MacBook Pros. Some higher end models have lost as much as 10K!


Strangely enough, the iMac doesn’t see much of a discount, while the prices of Mac minis have actually gone up!!


And lastly, Apple Watch sees moderate discounts ranging from 1k to nearly 5k


Price charts from Gadgets360

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