What Happened to the Apple Car?

Project Titan, the not-so-secret name of the not-so-secret initiative Apple has undertaken to build a car, is bleeding staff and shifting its focus. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s Project Titan is no longer building its own car. Instead, the team is now focused on developing an autonomous driving system – one that either Apple will use itself or in partnership with existing automakers. Read more

Apple car updates

Apple Car Hits Roadblocks

You must have heard of the proverb “All things come to an end”, right? Well, forget about the end, some good things don’t even start! And even if they do, they just totter around without gaining much of a momentum … just like the Apple Car. Read more

Apple car rumours

More Evidence That Apple Car Is Real

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an Apple Car, smile … because your dream is one step closer to being realized.

A couple of months back, we’d posted an article on the rumours that were flying around about Apple being involved with making a car. Nothing was confirmed at that time and we had made several leaps of faith.
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Apple Car Launch

The Secret is Out – Apple is Making a Car!

Apple has made it a habit of entering new markets, upsetting the established balance, uprooting industry standards, and then redefining what’s acceptable from the ground up. So each year, we hold our breaths and wonder what new magic Apple is going to weave; what new seas Apple is going to sail through.

Well, this time around it’s the automobile industry. You heard that right, friends. Apple is going to make a CAR!! Read more

App Accelerator Bengaluru

Apple’s App Accelerator in Bengaluru Training Developers on Latest Technologies

Over the last year, the India App Accelerator at Bengaluru has guided thousands of young local developers to create the best-in-class apps. Now Apple is planning to start ‘Business and Marketing’ sessions that will help developers sell and market their apps effectively. Starting early this summer, it will help Indian developers understand the marketing aspect of the app business. Read more

Apple India Amazon Sale

Amazon India Apple Fest: iPhone X, MacBook, and More Available on Discount

After Flipkart recently hosted the Apple Week, it was inevitable for Amazon to not buckle up. The global e-commerce leader has collaborated with Apple to create the Apple Fest on its Indian website. The Apple Fest Sale offers discounts and deals on various Apple products such as MacBook, iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. The sale offers upto INR 10,000 off on all iPhones, where even the latest models like the iPhone X and iPhone 8 will be available at lower prices, while the iPhone SE can be grabbed for just INR 17,999. Read more


Introducing the Apple HomePod

Apple has gifted us some of the most technically advanced and coveted gadgets over the years.  iPhones, iPads, MacBooks and smartwatches have been ruling the tech markets of the 21st century. The year 2018 is lucky to witness the first ever smart speaker- The HomePod -from the house of Apple. The smart speaker can easily adapt to whatever is being played. It juxtaposes Apple Music and Siri to give a revolutionary music experience. Read more


Apple India Offering Buyback and Free Replacement with iPhone X to Boost Slowing Sales

We bring news of absolute delight for prospective iPhone X buyers. If you think that the magnificent iPhone X is out of your league, then hold your horses, for Apple India has announced a new limited period offer for iPhone X buyers. The super-smartphone is now available at a collective discount of Rs. 30,000 at Apple Premium Resellers. Read more

iMac Pro in India

Apple has Priced the iMac Pro in India at Just Rs. 4,15,000

You can now buy the brand new iMac Pro in India! Till now the Apple die-hards had to make do with pseudo- pro devices and had to work under the limitations of Apple’s namesake “pro” ecosystem. Professionals haven’t had one decent professional mac in three years. Thanks to the newly released iMac Pro, all that is about to change. Read more

iPhone India

This is BIG! Apple India Will Now Give Warranty Support for iPhones Purchased Internationally

Almost every week, we’re asked by people in our community if they should buy the iPhone at a lower price from the US (or some other country). And why not? The savings are substantial, and they can sometimes knock off as much as 20-25% on the list price. And yet, we’ve always advised against it. But not anymore! We’re changing our stance, people, and we have a good reason for doing so. Read more