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Apple Card

Apple Card: Giving Other Credit Cards a Run for Their Money!

Apple’s March 25 Show Time Event at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California has come and gone, and Apple has added quite a few new features to their services arsenal. We’ve got Apple News+, Apple Arcade, Apple TV+, and a whole new avenue that no one could have predicted Apple venturing into – Apple Cards.

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What Happened to the Apple Car?

Project Titan, the not-so-secret name of the not-so-secret initiative Apple has undertaken to build a car, is bleeding staff and shifting its focus. Bloomberg reports that Apple’s Project Titan is no longer building its own car. Instead, the team is now focused on developing an autonomous driving system – one that either Apple will use itself or in partnership with existing automakers. Read more

Apple car updates

Apple Car Hits Roadblocks

You must have heard of the proverb “All things come to an end”, right? Well, forget about the end, some good things don’t even start! And even if they do, they just totter around without gaining much of a momentum … just like the Apple Car. Read more

Apple car rumours

More Evidence That Apple Car Is Real

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning an Apple Car, smile … because your dream is one step closer to being realized.

A couple of months back, we’d posted an article on the rumours that were flying around about Apple being involved with making a car. Nothing was confirmed at that time and we had made several leaps of faith.
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Apple Car Launch

The Secret is Out – Apple is Making a Car!

Apple has made it a habit of entering new markets, upsetting the established balance, uprooting industry standards, and then redefining what’s acceptable from the ground up. So each year, we hold our breaths and wonder what new magic Apple is going to weave; what new seas Apple is going to sail through.

Well, this time around it’s the automobile industry. You heard that right, friends. Apple is going to make a CAR!! Read more

Mac Pro

Apple Served Mac (Pro) And Cheese at WWDC 2019

It took Apple six years, but it’s finally here – a modular Mac Pro that strikes the perfect balance between towers of yore and maligned “trash can.” At the annual developers’ conference on June 3rd, 2019, Apple announced the insanely powerful new Mac Pro.

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iPadOS: Apple Gifts iPad Its Own Operating System

The WWDC 2019 was jam-packed with a bagful of launches, unveils, updates, and upgrades. And one of the things that the Apple wizards pulled out of their magic hat is the iPadOS. Yes! The Apple tablet that has until now been running on iOS will finally get its own operating system.

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Apple e-waste

Apple Devices and Other e-Products Held by Central Pollution Control Board of India

Recently, the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), India took a significant step to reduce e-waste. It issued a command to seize electronics imported on ten permits that were withdrawn from use. As a result, the customs department held products worth approx. 5,000 crore ($723 million). It included various Apple devices and also products from other brands like Samsung, Vivo, HP, and others.

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iPhones sales decline

Analysts Prediction: There’ll be a Decline in Apple Products Shipment

Apple is all set to report its fiscal Q2 2019 earnings at the end of this month. (Apple’s Q1 2019 is counted as the period between October to December of last year. And Q2 2019 is January to March) But before that, analysts across the world are offering their predictions on the expected earnings, shipments, and more. And one of these firms has already predicted a bearish outcome.     

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Apple Watch sensor

New Apple Patents Show How Tech Can Help Analyse Air Quality

The harmful, dangerous gases and fine dust particles in the air are difficult to detect. If not the daily morning news, there’s nothing to warn us against the high levels of carbon monoxide around us. While we have devices to monitor the quality of air at home and office, but what about when are outdoors in the midst of toxic air? If only our smart devices could help us out!

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