Should You Buy the iPhone SE or Wait for the Upcoming iPhone SE2?

iPhone SE 2

Apple is reported to be tirelessly working on the sequel to its popular 4-inch iPhone SE model, known as iPhone SE2. Dubbed as the best small smartphone available in the market, the iPhone SE is primarily meant for those people with an adversity against large displays. With the iPhone 5 support all but ended and 5s inclined to follow suit, SE is now the most logical choice of preference for iPhone buyers.

The iPhone SE model is backed by a solid iOS 11 update, and it recently added 50+ new emojis coupled with Apple Pay Cash in its iOS 11.2 update. The popular model also stands to benefit from Apple’s upcoming update in the coming months.

But with the ongoing rumours of SE2 making a wave in the market, it is prompting users to take a closer look before deciding on which set to purchase. The rumours started in early August when Focus Taiwan claimed about the supposed new product of Apple to be launched in the last week of March. The set date already has a registered event of Apple in Chicago, IL. The rumour related to the phone’s launch has only been growing stronger after repeated publications from trusted sources like QQ, Trendforce, and Taiwan’s Economic Bubble.

According to Ming-Chu Kuo who has been credited on several instances for correctly predicting new product releases of Apple, the company is not in a position to dedicate resources and development to release a new SE phone this year. This has placed aspiring buyers at a crossroads, wherein one half is holding on to Ming’s statement, while others plan to play the waiting game. Let’s dive in and look at why you should ‘actually’ wait and look-out for the launch of SE2.

Reasons to wait for SE2


  1. If you’re planning to keep the iPhone as a long-term investment, it will be best to wait for the upcoming model
  2. The new product is certainly going to get software support for the next 4-5 years; this might come in handy for bug fixes and new features
  3. iPhone will be working on iOS 11 and 12 running with a robust experience. Older models won’t be able to get software updates due to hardware shortcomings
  4. New looks, design, better camera, enhanced battery life and other features are set to slide into the SE2 model, one which is worth all the wait

Long story short, taking all the above points into consideration, it is better to wait for the SE2 model, instead of regretting later on due to a hastened decision.

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