Apple has Priced the iMac Pro in India at Just Rs. 4,15,000

iMac Pro in India

You can now buy the brand new iMac Pro in India! Till now the Apple die-hards had to make do with pseudo- pro devices and had to work under the limitations of Apple’s namesake “pro” ecosystem. Professionals haven’t had one decent professional mac in three years. Thanks to the newly released iMac Pro, all that is about to change.

Here’s a little brief about what the new iMac Pro can do. The Apple iMac Pro comes with up to 128GB of RAM and up to 4 TB of super-fast SSD storage. Apple has offered two options for graphics cards, 10 Gbps Ethernet four Thunderbolt 3-rated USB-C ports and a 27-inch, 5K display.

The base model features 8-core Intel Xeon processor clocked at 3.2Ghz with turbo boost to 4.2Ghz and 19MB cache. The iMac Pro comes standard with Radeon Vega 56 GPU but can also be configured with Radeon 64 GPU with 16GB of video memory.

The base model in India carries the price tag of Rs 415000 and will be available in Space grey. Apple has thrown in matching space grey accessories to compensate for the hefty price tag. Yeah, that helps!

As far as the launch of iMac Pro in India is considered, only the base model will be available in India. And we will essentially be paying a premium of approx 29%, i.e. Rs 95,000 over US pricing. Well, I would rather go to the US to pick up my Mac.

Apple is yet to confirm a launch date for the iMac Pro in India. But at a price of Rs 4,15,000, the iMac Pro might demand some sacrifices like rent money, but the company assures that it will be all worth it.

In addition to the much-awaited iMac Pro, Apple is also said to be redesigning the Mac Pro which is expected to launch with a high-end pro display.

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