All You Need To Know About The iOS 11 Updates

iOS 11 update

Apple’s operating system has always been one of the cornerstones of its business. The iOS 11, released on 19 September came with significant improvements over its predecessor iOS 10 and paved the way for amazing possibilities for Augmented Reality for games, apps, etc. But unfortunately, Apple’s latest OS came laden with a series of bugs. Remember the autocorrect bug which denied us the liberty of using the letter “I” or the times when Siri decided to give a cold shoulder? Thankfully Apple decided to fix these issues which led to subsequent updates. So, here’s a walkthrough of all the updates in iOS 11. 

iOS 11 Update

Bugs or not, the latest iOS 11 updates are very-much-welcomed by the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch user base. And if you haven’t downloaded the latest Apple OS yet, its time you return to civilisation.

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