Everything Else That Apple Announced at the iPhone X Event

Apple TV 4K

Apple announced three new iPhones — iPhone X, iPhone 8, and the iPhone 8 Plus. It also announced Apple Watch Series 3. Those were the big announcements. Here are the ones that weren’t as big at the Apple event, but are important nonetheless.

Apple TV 4K

Finally, Apple has added 4k and HDR support to Apple TV. The new model, called Apple TV 4K, is pretty much the same as Apple TV 4 with a higher resolution. Apple has partnered with Hollywood biggies like Marvel, Universal etc. and even Netflix to bring 4K content to Apple TV. The good news is that the 4K movies cost will remain as that of HD movies. The new Apple TV is priced at USD 179 and will be available from 22nd September in the US.

Apple TV also got some software updates like Live Sports feature, which shows live matches directly on the Apple TV. TV app support has also extended to other countries. Sadly, India isn’t getting any of these updates as of now.


While announcing the wireless charging support for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, Apple was very clear in pointing out that they are fully compatible with Qi technology based third party accessories. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t making its own wireless charging pad.

Air Pad

We got a sneak peak of Apple’s AirPower – a wireless pad that simultaneously charges iPhone 8 or iPhone X, Apple Watch Series 3 and AirPods. it looked useful and convenient. There was no word on the pricing and the release date was a vague ‘sometime next year’.

iOS 11 Release Date

As expected, we got a release date for iOS 11 – September 19. Although the betas have been out for more than 2 months now, most people have been waiting for the public release. You can read our detailed coverage of all iOS 11 features.

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