How to Watch Apple’s iPhone 8 Launch Event Tonight

Apple iPhone Event

We are just hours away from the release of new iPhone models!! Apple will hold the keynote event at 10:30 pm IST tonight and you can watch it live on your computer or iOS devices. 

If you have been following the rumours, you must already be familiar with most the expected features of the new iPhone models. And if you are the kind who likes to preserve the element of surprise then don’t worry, we aren’t going to share any spoilers here.

Today’s keynote event will be the inaugural event at the Steve Jobs Theater at the new Apple campus called Apple Park. We are equally excited to see the iconic theater and are hoping that Apple shows off the entire campus as well in an intro video. Wishful thinking, we know!

Coming back to the event. As always, the keynote will be live streamed by Apple across the world. It will start in India at 10:30 PM and will be roughly a 2 hours event. You can watch it at any of the following:

On Apple TV

If own a 4th generation Apple TV then all you need to do it download the Apple Events app and click on the ‘Apple Special Event’ icon to start streaming at the event time. Please note that your Apple TV’s software should be 6.2 or later.

For Apple TV 2nd or 3rd generation owners, you can Air Play the live stream from your Mac or iOS device.

On Mac / PC

Open Safar on your Mac go to this link – Your macOS version should be v10.11 or later.

For PCs, you should open the mentioned link on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10.

On iOS Devices

All iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with Safari on iOS 9.0 or later will be able to stream the event. The link to follow is the same –

We will be live tweeting the event at Join the fun. It will be a fabulous evening!

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