iPad Pro and iOS 11 – A Match Made in Heaven!

iPad Pro iOS 11

Apple’s iPhone 8 keynote event has been scheduled for 12th September. It also means that the public release of iOS 11 is just around the corner. While the new OS will bring in plenty of new capabilities to the iPhone, its real appeal lies in the new iPad-only features. More specifically, iOS 11 will be a massive update for the iPad Pro line-up.

We have compiled a list of the best iOS 11 features for iPad Pros in the form of an infographic. Take a look:

iPad Pro Infographic

If you own an iPad Pro, then get ready to experience the fun of all these features in a month or so. And if you have been on edge about buying an iPad Pro then this iOS 11 update should make a choice even more lucrative. Go for it, we say!

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