MacBook Sales See A Huge Growth of 17% in this Quarter

MacBook sales

Market research firm TrendForce has come up with new data that puts Apple in the fifth place in the US (in terms of laptop market share). This is thanks to a spectacular quarter-to-quarter growth in MacBook sales.MacBook sales figures for the second quarter this year, as compared to the first, grew by 17.1%. This growth was the second highest for any company in the same segment. This new-found increase in MacBook sales saw Apple climb a place in overall laptop market share rankings.

MacBook sales Q2 2017

“The growth boosted Apple’s market share from 9.3% to 10%, bringing it very close to challenging ASUS for the #4 slot behind HP, Lenovo and Dell,” reports 9to5Mac.

Only Dell outsold Apple in this quarter, registering a 21.3% increase in sales. HP, with 8.5% increase, continued to sit on top of the table.

The prediction for the rest of the year for Apple is also good. 

The third quarter, or the Sept-Dec quarter, has traditionally been Apple’s best quarter. The reason being that Apple usually refreshes its product line-up in September, followed by a huge increase in sales due to the onset of the holiday season in December. Hence, the rest of the year looks pretty good for Apple.

The report from TrendForce continues —

“TrendForce also anticipates a double-digit sequential growth for third-quarter MacBook shipments as Apple will focus on the MacBook Pro series during the year’s second half.”

This September, Apple going to bring major changes to its Mac series. We are certain that these will further boost the MacBook sales.

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