Thanks to the New Models, iPad Sales Have Increased After 2 Years

iPad sales

This year Apple has seen the best iPad sales numbers, thanks to the newer Pro models. This is the first time since 2013 that the numbers have actually reported an increase in sales!

AppleInsider reports —

“Apple’s most recent quarter of iPad sales is not only the first time that iPad sales have grown year-over-year since 2013, but its best non-holiday quarter for sales of the tablet for two years.”

Apple declared the sales numbers in their recently held Earnings Call. The report said that Apple sold 11.42 million iPads in the quarter, racking up $4.97 billion in revenue. As compared to the last quarter, in which Apple sold only 8.92 million units, they had made a revenue of $3.89 billion. Obviously, there has been a noticeable spike in the numbers.

iPad sales

The Pro models are really the main reason for this growth. Apple admits that as well. That’s the reason why it has made almost all other models now obsolete, focusing mainly on their best players.

The ability to support the Apple Pencil, bundled with a super powerful processor, the iPad Pro models seem to have hit the bullseye. It’s a good thing for Apple as well, who have other products stepping up, now that the iPhone is seeing a dip in sales.

The upcoming models of the iPad are even better — lighter, faster, and more compact. Of course, they’ll be a bit pricier as well, but that’s something we have gotten used to when it comes to Apple products, haven’t’ we? What we are excited about — other than the great iPad sales, of course — is how this Apple Pencil technology will cross over to the Macs.

With iOS 11, we’re already seeing a merger in the software of the two. Perhaps hardware integration will come next year! We can only hope…

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