Apple Has Sold 1.2 Billion iPhones in 10 Years!!

1.2 billion iPhones

In their recently help third-quarter earnings report, Apple announced that they have sold nearly 1.2 billion iPhones in a little over ten years since the original iPhone was launched in 2007.

If you’re a stickler for exact figures, then the number of iPhones sold so far is 1.17 billion. Which is more than 10 million iPhones a year, or more than 3 lakh 20 thousand units per day! PER DAY!!

1.2 billion iPhones

As observed by Quartz

Just over a year ago, Apple broke the 1 billion mark. That’s nearly one iPhone for every person in China, or one in three people globally with internet access.

And now with Apple hitting the 1.2 billion iPhones mark, we can safely say that Apple has sold one iPhone for every person in India!! Imagine our country where everyone has one of those shiny babies!!

While the iPhone has always sold well, a bulk of its sales comes from the latter half of the decade. Apple’s stellar growth is captured well in this graph —

Despite the recent slowdown in the market, the iPhone continues to be a market-leading and industry-defining product. We hope and pray that the sales figures for Apple continue to grow and that they set (and break) many more staggering records such as selling 1.2 billion iPhones!

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