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Permanently Disable App Review Requests With iOS 11

app review requests

One of the most annoying things about an app, after the distasteful full-screen pop-up ads, is definitely the onslaught of unwanted app review requests. What’s worse is that unlike the ads, which only crop up in free apps, the request to review apps is a universal phenomenon affecting both paid and free apps equally.

With iOS 11, Apple has given the users to disable these App Review requests once and for all.

As told by CultofMac:

“One of the benefits of Apple’s built-in rating/feedback system is that you can switch off all review requests in one place, so you never have to see another pleading pop-up again.”

Interestingly, even if you choose not to switch off the requests completely, iOS 11 still comes with a much more streamlined process for review submissions and ratings. We understand that Apple can’t totally ban the rating system because in an AppStore that’s literally flooding with apps, ratings are what that separates the good ones from crappy ones!

So what’s changed with the new system?

Here’s how the new app review requests are integrated into iOS 11:

  1. A developer can prompt you to rate the app only 3 times in a whole year.
  2. You can rate the app right from the prompt screen. You don’t have to go to App Store.
  3. You can even write a review for the app right from the prompt screen.

How to Disable app review requests?

It’s a very simple process, literally just one step!

If you’re running iOS 11, then go to: Settings>iTunes & App Store>In-App Ratings & Reviews. Toggle the switch to your preference. That’s it you’re done.

app review requests
Image courtesy of Cult of Mac

It’s nice to see Apple taking strict steps towards curtailing this onslaught of unwanted pop-ups. We hope this will extend to the unnecessary ads that flood our screens from time to time, because those full-screen!!

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