New iPhone 8 Leaked Images Show Exactly What The New iPhone Will Look Like

new iPhone 8 leaked images

Another set of new iPhone 8 leaked images have surfaced on Twitter and this time it’s almost as if you’re seeing a finished product! 

new iPhone 8 leaked images

The images are actually a screen grab from a video released by one Benjamin Geskin on Twitter. He got hold of a dummy set from one of the manufacturing plants (apparently), and then printed a wallpaper and stuck in along with a screen protector onto the dummy model.

The result is surprisingly real looking, and it gives us a fairly good idea of what the new iPhone will look like. Here’s the original tweet —

The new iPhone 8 leaked images (or video, rather) points to an edge-to-edge display and an extra set of sensors/camera on the front of the upcoming iPhone. Other than that it looks more or less the same as iPhone 7, but probably with a slightly thinner body.

We are just three months away from the release of the actual product, and yet new iPhone 8 leaked images surface every day. And that’s after we’ve had almost every feature already leaked to us through some or the other Chinese website. And yet people keep coming up with these images/videos. It’s like this before every new iPhone launch — people just can’t wait!

Source: Cult Of Mac

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