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Patent Shows How Apple is Going to “Revolutionise” Pizza Delivery

Pizza Delivery

If you thought that the iPhone was Apple’s most revolutionary product, think again. This new patent will tell you that it is, in fact, a Pizza Delivery box.

While on a tour of their new Spaceship Campus, Wired magazine happened to get a peak of Apple’s latest patent:

Apparently, Apple has devised a special Pizza delivery box that solves the worldwide problem of the pizza crust becoming soggy from being sealed shut in a cardboard box.

And, of course, in trademark Apple style, this box is without any sharp corners. Which, if you think about it, is glaringly obvious since the pizza is round shaped too!

 According to Quartz, Apple had filed for this pizza delivery box patent more than seven years ago. If that seems like a long time ago, consider the fact that the Pizza box hasn’t seen a design upgrade since 1960’s!! The website further reports —

“Bakers in Naples, Italy began experimenting with ways to transport pizza by sticking them into metal containers dubbed stufas. For obvious reasons—weight being one of them—that method didn’t bode well for deliverers […].”

Will this pizza delivery revolution reach the general public? We can’t say for sure. For now, this box (circle ?) will be used exclusively by Apple employees in their new office complex.

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