Apple is on its way to becoming the World’s First Trillion Dollar Company

Apple Trillion Dollar Company

On Monday, the 8th of May, for the first time, Apple’s valuation reached a total market cap of $800 billion. Apple’s stock had crossed (again for the first time), the $153 mark, thus enabling the companies value to breach the 800 billion dollar mark. That now puts Apple in touching distance of becoming the world’s first Trillion Dollar Company!

Apple’s Great Recovery

This is an impressive recovery by Apple, considering that at the beginning of 2016, it’s stock had slithered as low as $89. In the year after reporting its first ever decline in sales and revenue, Apple has built its market value bit by bit again. A lot of it has to do with Apple getting back to basics of creating good ecosystems and not just individual products.

A market research white paper obtained by MacRumours explains —

“Apple’s valuation has been depressed for years as investors grew concerned that Apple would fall victim to the missteps of consumer electronic companies of the past. However, Apple has proven its resilience through its unique ability to develop hardware, software and services that work seamlessly together. We believe this positions Apple very well to capitalize on the trend toward more “things” becoming a computer.”

There’s competition

Apple is not the only company chasing the title to becoming the first Trillion Dollar Company. According to Fortune, Amazon, Google (Alphabet), and Microsoft are also right behind Apple. And they are all chasing that elusive tag.

Amazon, especially, seems to be the most imminent threat. Fortune says —

“If Amazon shares keep rising at the clip they have in the last 12 months, it will get to the elusive $1 trillion market cap in just a little more than two years.”

It’s hard to see how Amazon can beat Apple, given that its current market cap is at $ 424 billion, which a little more than half of Apple’s. However, Amazon is expanding a lot more rapidly than Apple. Just have a look at India, where Amazon came much after Apple, but it is already a household name.

It will be a fascinating race this, the fight to be the first Trillion Dollar Company in the history. And seeing as it’s now in its final lap, we’d say we are lucky enough to have the front row seats to the grand finale!

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