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Apple Might Replace Your Broken iPad 4 With iPad Air 2

iPads are extremely robust devices. They can last for years without any hitch. We keeping running into people who are holding on to their 4 to 5-year-old iPads, simply because it still work perfectly fine. If you belong this category of long-term iPad users and happen to have an iPad 4, then you might be in for a surprise upgrade from Apple. Read more

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Many Apple Apps Are Now Free For Everyone. Happy Downloading!

The words ‘Apple’ and ‘free’ don’t come together in a sentence very often, but when they do, people whip their heads around like startled Jack-rabbits, curious for more information about this unexpected generosity.

We had a similar reaction when we heard that Apple had made several of its apps free. Actually, our first reaction was outright disbelief, but as more reports came pouring in, we had no other choice but to investigate and confirm the news.

Yes, Apple has made a bunch of its app free for iOS and macOS users.

Hold on now. Hold now. Before you pop the champagne and put on your party hats, you should know that the Apple apps that are being offered for free are GarageBand, iMovie, and the entire iWork suite, which includes Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.

I know what you’re thinking – But, I already have these apps on by iPhone / iPad / Macbook! 

That’s right. People who bought new devices from 2013 onwards could already download these apps at no extra cost from the AppStore. This new development is only going to affect those who haven’t bought a new device recently.

So, the question that comes to mind immediately is – Who are these people who haven’t bought a new Apple device for the last four years? I am not sure they’re eligible to the membership of the Apple Fan Club. TRAITORS!

Jokes aside, there’s zero cause for celebration for anybody who’s bought an iPhone, iPad, and/or Macbook recently so that you can wipe that anticipation off your faces.

For the others who’ve been hanging on to their archaic devices, congratulations, you have access to some of Apple’s own great apps. Use it or not, it’s free for you. Yay?

Apple Family Sharing

Apple Family Sharing – It’s All About Loving your Family!

India is a nation that loves its families. Small families, large families, extended families – they all have a place in our hearts. Whether they are settled abroad or tucked away in one of the small towns in India, we love them equally. And we share everything with them – gossip, news, food, memories, happy moments, sad moments, and now, thanks to Apple, even purchases from iTunes and the AppStore! Read more

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A Cool Trick to Check iPhone Battery Percentage on Mac

Picture this – You are lying comfortably on your bed, binge watching Game of Thrones on your Mac. In the meanwhile, your iPhone is plugged in for charging and kept on the table across the room. It’s almost time to leave for an evening out and you aren’t sure how much the iPhone has charged.

What do you do? Get up, walk over to the table, pick up your iPhone, and check its battery? Nah! That’s too much effort 🙂 Let me tell you a smarter way to do this.

Nah! That’s too much effort 🙂 Let me tell you a smarter way to do this. Read more