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Flipkart Apple Days

Flipkart Apple Days: Discounts on iPhone, Apple Watch & More

Flipkart has announced a three-day sale on Apple products from 24th to 26th April. Named ‘ Flipkart Apple Days’, the sale offers substantial discounts on almost all models of iPhone, along with offers of other Apple products like Apple Watch, iPads and even iPods. Read more

Apple TV competition

Amazon Fire Stick vs Apple TV vs Google Chromecast

Traditional television as we know it is dead. At least, it’s dying, and dying fast. YouTube was the first blow, followed by services such as Netflix. And then the world of on-demand streaming exploded. Amazon Fire Stick just proves the point.

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iPhone charging port

Dear Obsessive Cleaners, This is How You Keep iPhone Charging Port Dirt-Free

I have a theory about people who use Apple products. I believe they spend one-third of their lives cleaning whatever device (or devices) they’ve bought. They polish it, dust it, wipe off fingerprint smudges, go after it with a lint-free cloth, and lovingly scrub away any signs of wear and tear. God forbid if their iPhone, iPad, or iMac should look used. At all times, they have to remain pristine and sparkling, glowing with the rich aura of the money you spent on it. Read more