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Microsoft Gifts A Surface Pro 4 To Tim Cook, Because Apparently It’s Better Than the iPad

Tim Cook

Tim Cook was in attendance at a recent event sponsored by Microsoft. The China Development Forum was high profile event and Microsoft, being the chief sponsor, understandably wanted to do some free marketing. So it gave the attendees, all 300 of them, a Surface Pro 4.

They wanted to be thorough, apparently, and so they gave one to Tim Cook as well.

Apparently, they just assumed he would not bring along an iPad of his own. Or, if he did bring one, he would much rather use a Surface Pro!


It is unclear if he actually used the Surface Pro, or just used it as a stand for his iPad Pro!

If he did do that, then he wouldn’t have been the first either! We’ve already seen CNN news reporters being guilty (capable) of doing it.

Apparently, the Windows running device is just not good enough for some people.

Just ask this NFL coach whose Surface Pro stopped working in the middle of the game. His reaction?

And speaking of devices running Windows, here is an image tweeted by Tim Cook himself. Here he is looking at the making of a Mac Pro. If you pay attention, you’ll notice that the Macs in the background are actually running Windows XP.

Hmm, that’s curious, don’t you think?

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