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Selective Backup: Use This Simple Trick To Save Up Space On Your iCloud

iCloud selective backup

iCloud is a great service for backing up your data. Unless you’re on the free plan, in which case it’s a real headache to manage your meager space.

There’s not much we can do to solve the problem as the 5 GB space that you get with your free account is essentially peanuts in this HD quality digital world. Having said that, we recommend you try this out —

Choose what App data to back up

You iPhone/iPad will backup the data all the apps by default. This is a waste of space as there are a lot of apps that you wouldn’t want to backup.

With this trick, you can choose which apps get saved to the cloud and which don’t.

Here’s how you do it.

Go to Settings > iCloud > Storage.


Click on Manage Storage.

Select your device. It will have a label underneath the name that says “This iPhone / This iPad”.

On the next screen, you’ll see a list of all the Apps that are backing data to your iCloud storage. Here you can manually turn off those apps whose data you don’t want to back up to iCloud. Netflix or YouTube, for example!


And that’s it.

Hopefully, now you’ll be able to save some precious space on the cloud. If not, we highly recommend you upgrading your iCloud account. It’s just Rs 65 a month for 50 GB of space, which is basically nothing!


This method will NOT remove the app from your iCloud, only it’s data. So, if you restore your phone from iCloud, then you’ll still get the app back, but it will not have your preferences, etc, saved. 

Screenshots courtesy of iMore.

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