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The Curious Case of an iPod Stopwatch Mission

iPod Stopwatch

There’s no dearth of funny stories in this world. From the most interesting to the absurd to the weirdest possible obsessions, we get them all. One such story that surfaced this holiday season was about an Australian guy who started his iPod stopwatch more than a year ago and left it running.

Why did he do that, you may ask? To scratch an itch that had been bugging him for a very long – What would happen when the iPod stopwatch crossed 9999 hours?

If you’re unfamiliar with the iPod stopwatch, let me explain. The device displays time in the format. That’s hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds. At first glance, it looks like the maximum number the screen can accommodate is 9999:59:59.9.

Naturally, “Streaming Andrew”, as he’s called now,  was curious to see what would happen when the iPod stopwatch crossed that mark. So he kept it running for days. 416 days. 1.14 years, to be exact.

ipod stopwatchEven in his wildest dreams, Andrew couldn’t have imagined that his experiment would last so long. Heaven knows what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what he got to see when the D-day arrived.

As the iPod stopwatch approached the magic number 9999:59:59.9, Andrew held his breath in anticipation. Who knew what mysteries would unfurl? Who knew what major discovery he was on the brink of?

And do you know what happened?


The iPod stopwatch merely reduced the font size to accommodate the extra digit and continued on its merry tick-tock-tick-tock journey ahead! 

Talk about an anti-climax! This ending was worse than the finale of Dexter.

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