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Apple Offering up to Rs. 28,900 Discount on iPhone and iPad


For those of you who are looking to buy the new iPhone or the iPad, there couldn’t be a better time than this, because there’s a huge iPhone discount on offer in India!

Here’s a combo offer by Apple that promises a discount of Rs 28,900 if you buy an iPhone 7 and an iPad Pro together.

That’s right, folks! This incredible offer is available in India from 18th November to 31st December 2016. But it’s only available, if you buy the iPhone and iPad together. There’s a choice of three combo-options as well. Here they are …

iPhone discount

So, while you can choose from the entire line-up of iPad, when it comes to the iPhone, your options are limited – you can only either buy an iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

Details of cash back and iPhone discount

Depending on the combo you choose, you’ll get the respective cash back credited into your Citi Bank account within 90 days. Like we said, the offer is only for Citi Bank Credit Card holders (except the Corporate Card holders).

Apart from the  cash back, Apple Stores in India are also offering an in-store iPhone discount. You’ll get a discount of Rs 5,900, Rs 2,900, and Rs 2,800 respectively on the three combos mentioned above.

Note: The in-store discount is instantaneous. The amount of discount mentioned will be knocked off from your price at the time of purchase. The amount will not be credited back into your account.

So the two offers combined, you can get a maximum discount of 28,900 if you opt for the first option.

Terms and Conditions

  • Offer NOT valid for Citi Bank Corporate Credit Card holders. All other Citi Bank Credit Cards are eligible for the offer
  • Offer valid only on in-store purchases. Not valid on online purchases
  • Offer valid from 17th Nov, 2016 to 31st Dec, 2016
  • Offer can be availed a maximum of four times per card. The limit is also set at a maximum of two transactions per month
  • Offer cannot be clubbed with any other Citi Bank/Apple offer
  • Offer cannot be clubbed with any other offer from any third party
  • The products bought under this offer cannot be bought on an EMI scheme. Meaning that you’ll have to pay the full price (after discounts) at the counter

Other than the ones mentioned here, there are a couple of more details about the offer, and we highly recommend that you read Citi Bank’s T&C document carefully, and in full detail. We are, of course, always available if you need any clarifications.

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