An iPhone SE Update Seems Unlikely Anytime Soon

iPhone SE update

The iPhone SE became very popular when it was launched in March 2016. The 4-inch iPhone had the look of iPhone 5s but internal specifications of 6s, including the A9 processor and a 12-megapixel camera with live photos support. These features made it a budget-friendly iPhone for many which led to high sales in many countries. However, it seems like Apple has no plans to have an update for the SE model in 2017.

The simple reason is because Apple wants to maintain high margins on its high-end models.

Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI securities has speculated that there will be a decline in the total shipment volume due to a fall in demand for the iPhones. Moreover, no iPhone SE refresh will cause a further fall in demand, which, in turn, will force sellers and suppliers to reduce the prices. Apple will also exert pressure on its component makers to reduce prices in order to maintain margins.

When iPhone SE was launched in March 2016, there were some speculations around seeing a refreshed model in 2017. But that does not seem very likely. The halt on updating the SE model this fiscal quarter is a strategy to augment profits.

Here’s all the information that’s going around in the market about the iPhone SE update right now:

· There is little possibility of a new model for iPhone SE.
· This is done to ensure that there is a large difference between iPhone SE and its other high-end phones like the iPhone 7.
· This is seen as an attempt to increase its gross margins.
· There is a possibility of price reduction due to a lack of update in the iPhone SE model.
· The shipment volume is also estimated to go down.

These are speculations by analysts and experts but we will find out about the actual plans of Apple very soon. One thing that’s clear as day, however, is that Apple is leaving no stone unturned to boost its sale volume.

Clearly, Apple is not far from taking convoluted steps such as halting an iPhone update! It also makes you wonder if things aren’t as great as Tim Cook and Co. are letting on!

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