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ola cabs

Apple India Partners with Ola Cabs in a new Apple Music Deal

Have you ever taken a really long cab ride listening to god awful music playing in the background? Have you felt so irritated by the driver’s choice of raucous numbers that you wanted to reach over and change the radio channel (And bop him on his head for his poor taste)? Read more

iphone 7 sales

iPhone 7 Sales Better Than iPhone 6s, But Not As Great As iPhone 6

It’s been just over two months since the launch of the new iPhone 7, and we’re finally getting some solid numbers on how the phone is performing in the market. According to previous records, iPhone 7 sales are a bit better than the iPhone 6s, but not so great as the wildly popular iPhone 6! Read more


How to Use Instagram Like A Pro

To say Instagram is insanely popular is to state the obvious. Any time you see people whip out their phones to take pictures of food, coffee mugs, dogs, sunsets, and of course, their own pretty faces, you can be pretty sure those clicks are going to end up on Instagram. Read more

new iPads bezel free

A Completely Redesigned Series of New iPads is Coming Next Quarter

After the success of the iPad Pro, Apple is planning to launch not just one but three variants in the iPad series next quarter. These models will be on the lines of the 9.7-inch iPad pro  but will be a substantial upgrade on the inside and outside both. Read more

SOS feature

New iOS 10.2 Update Adds SOS Feature to iPhones

Apple has been very vocal about privacy and user safety. The new update for iOS brings with it a nifty little feature to get you out of trouble. The new emergency feature a.k.a. SOS feature is still in its beta phase but it has great potential to help you out in exigent situations. Read more